Who are we?

Kingdom Policy Institute is a global policy setting institute which researches and facilitates the formulation of policies that are prescribed by God with respect to how nations, industry and sectors ought to function for efficiency, growth and sustainability.


Institutionalising the Ways of God.


Study to understand the Scriptures.
Research the Scriptures concerning the seven Societal Domains.
Be one of the think tanks, a resource and information repository of policy standards guiding how Godly institutions are established and operate.


Believe the Word of God, the Bible.
Faith in God, through Christ Jesus.
The Word of God becoming flesh.
The reality of the Government of God.

Our Process

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01. Research

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02. Facilitate Think
Tank Discussions

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03. Community Policy

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04. Draft Policies & Consultation

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05. Lobbying &
Policy Formulation

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06. Implement Policy

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07. Monitor Compliance Effectiveness

Societal Domains Targeted
for Policy Development

  1. Economy (Trade & Industry and Banking)
  2. Governance (Politics and Judiciary)
  3. Faith & Culture
  4. Family (Family Affairs, Health & Social Development)
  5. Land (Ownership & Distribution and Agriculture)
  6. Education (Innovation, Science, Technology and Training)
  7. Media, Arts, Sports and Recreation

The Banking Indaba

Who should attend?
Kingdom minded individuals and organisational representatives who are eager to pioneer a banking system and banking institutions that will be reflective of God's ordinances.

What will be discussed?
Thought leaders will come together to interrogate God's statutes with the objective of carving out a policy that will govern the establishment of Kingdom banking institutions.

For a very long time, The Body of Christ has received countless prophecies on the coming wealth transfer from the wicked to the righteous. God is ready to make the transfer, but He will not pour out new wine into old wine skins. He will not transfer wealth into a Babylonian system and Babylonian institutions. He will not allow Babylonian patriots, scholars and managers to administer this wealth transfer, neither will He allow Babylonian policies to govern the administration of this wealth. Therefore, God is making a demand to the righteous, ‘MAKE ROOM FOR US’!
How do we make room?

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The Banking Indaba 2019 will be held at:





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07 March 2019


08h00 – 17h00



Key Note speakers

  • Dr. Alexander Chisango

  • Landa Cope

  • Pastor John Osa

  • Dr. Zienzi Dillon

  • Louis Gerber

  • Bengt Arnesson

Banking Indaba 2018 Video

Click below to view the video